Fresh Shrimp with Soy Sauce, Roasted Green Onion Garlic Dipping

Fresh (never frozen) shrimp is delicious no matter how it's prepared. This particular recipe is a favourite of mine. I remember having it for the very first time on a family trip to Hong Kong. The freshness of the shrimp, combined with the salty, roasted garlic dipping sauce paired so well together, even as a picky child I patiently peeled each shrimp, carefully, finishing my meal and savouring every last bite!

Serves 2-3

Prep time 10 min
Cook time 5 min

1 lb fresh shrimp, with shell (never frozen)
3 slices of ginger
1 stalk green onion, minced
1 stalk green onion, cut in half
3 cloves of garlic, minced
2 tbsp mirin
3/4 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp soy sauce
1 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil

First, prepare the sauce: In a small pot, heat the oil on medium low heat. Add the garlic and 1 stalk minced green onion, turn the heat to low and stir constantly, cooking for 5-6 min until the garlic is brown but not burnt.  Remove from heat and mix in sugar and soy sauce.

In a large pot, boil 7 cups of water with the ginger and 1 stalk of green onion. When the water is boiling, place the washed shrimp into the pot and cook for 3 min, until the water comes to a boil and the shrimp is just cooked (avoid overcooking the shrimp).  Shrimp curls slightly and
is orange when cooked. This dish is served immediately with the prepared dipping sauce.

Serve with steamed rice and a side of green vegetables like shanghai bak choy (recipe or garlic snow pea leaves.


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