Lamb Chops with Basil Pine Nuts Sauce

This sauce has the same ingredients as pesto sauce, minus the Parmesan cheese. 
Without the cheese, the taste of the roasted pine nuts is more pronounced and makes for a creamy, garlicky flavour. 

8 Lamb chops, lightly salted and peppered just before grilling

Blend the following ingredients together in a food processor and serve with cooked lamb:
1/2 cup roasted pine nuts 
2 bunches of basil, thick stems removed
1 tbsp minced garlic 
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and ground pepper

**Grill the lamb chops on high heat for 4 min on each side for a medium rare doneness in the meat. 
Sear on its 3 edges for 1 min total.

**Grill for 5 min on each side for medium doneness. Sear on its 3 edges for 1 min total.
Let them rest for 8-10 min before eating, it will continue to cook inside.


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